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Grungy/scratch/cloud/tiny text icon textures 
15th-Oct-2009 10:07 pm
Wow I haven't made icon textures in FOREVER! The clouds are from a texture set I have not released. I started working on them a few weeks ago but never finished. Who knows.. maybe I'll get inspired. I hope you like them! [Yes this merits a double post!]

This entry includes:
  • 3 FREE icon texture
  • 10 icon textures

( Icons under this cut! @ fauxism )
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I have sooo many of these! And I'm just experimenting with different effects, scratches, text, etc. In the future I may add some splashes of colour. I really hope you like this set.

If you wish to request a certain type of resource, or would like me to make more of a certain kind that I offered in the past, please let me know!

This entry includes:
  • 1 FREE medium-sized texture
  • 3 HQ grunge scratch textures

( Textures under the cut! @ fauxism )
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