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Resource Love
been drivin' all night, my hands wet on the wheel
5th-Jun-2019 10:17 pm - 10 sets of 100x100 icontextures

HERE at kakapum :)                                                                  HERE at kakapum :)
+ 4 more texture sets :)                                                         + 4 more similar texture sets :)
3rd-May-2019 12:54 am(no subject)
Avatar - FirstMeeting - iconbases (Kakapum@lj) by shirujiCute Puppies (100x100 bases) - Kakapum@lj by shirujiWeHeartIt: Invert 01 (Kakapum@lj) by shirujiTeenage Girl's Emotions (Kakapum@lj) by shiruji (+ 1000x744 pixels)
  OVER HERE at kakapum :)
28th-Apr-2019 04:02 pm(no subject)
4 sets of 100x100 textures!

Little Sparks - 100x100 icontextures (Kakapum@lj) by shirujiPatterns 03 - 100x100icontextures (Kakapum@lj) by shirujiColorMagic - 100x100 icontextures (Kakapum@lj) by shirujiLearning English - 100x100icontextures (Kakapum@lj by shiruji
HERE at kakapum :)
26th-Apr-2019 04:27 pm(no subject)
3 sets of 100x100 icontextures for you :)

Catching Lights - 100x100 icontextures (Kakapum@lj by shirujiContrastLines - 100x100 icontextures (Kakapum@lj) by shirujiSerenade - 100x100 textures (Kakapum@lj) by shiruji
HERE at kakapum :)

23rd-Apr-2019 02:28 am(no subject)
4 sets of icontextures for you :)

Here at kakapum :)
15th-Apr-2019 05:14 pm(no subject)
3 sets of 100x100 icontextures

HERE at kakapum :)

7th-Apr-2019 12:36 pm - Land of Art Phase 12
HP: slytherin
Hey everyone! Phase 12 of landofart has officially begun!! What is Land of Art? From their About page, "Land of Art is a team community specifically focused on graphics only. If writing isn't your thing, this is the community for you."

There are three teams: Team Pop Art, Team Renaissance and Team Steampunk.

So come on down and join us!! I'm in Team Pop Art so the more the merrier!!

landofart landofart landofart

2nd-Feb-2018 02:45 am - WE NEED AFFILIATES!!
TV: spongebob - squidward?
I did a massive cleanup of inactive and deleted affiliates and would love to add some ACTIVE communities and journals. Graphics related, of course


thanks! :D
4th-Dec-2017 03:21 pm - The Handmaid's tale: screencaps
Amores Verdaderos
1 ] Do not repost. Do not claim as yous own.
2 ] Comments are love and great feedback.
3 ] Credit sns_red_curtain so others can find.

screencaps HERE @ sns_red_curtain
7th-May-2017 02:55 am - 5 icon-sized texture sets.
Blue kitty
5 texture sets.

4 more HERE @ meoworld
6th-Jun-2016 10:10 am - Doctor Thorne (2016): screencaps
Amores Verdaderos
1 ] Do not repost without permission.
2 ] Do not claim as your own, I recognise my own screencaps.
3 ] Credit sns_red_curtain if taken, so others can find the screencaps
4 ] Please comment for password

screencaps HERE @ ssns_red_curtain
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