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Resource Love

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Share & Request Graphics, Brushes & Resources
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Dreamwidth mirror @ [community profile] resourcelove

This community provides a place for people to post all kinds of graphic-making resources. Made some brushes you want to share? Found a good font site? Taken some screencaps for others to use? Post 'em here!

Any and all kinds of graphic-making resources are welcome here. Brushes, fonts, gradients, caps, bases, textures, layouts, tutorials, anything you can think of. HTML and override help is great too. Post it all. They don't have to be your own (provided that you don't hotlink, and that you direct us to the site where the owner offers them).

Post anything you think might be resource related. If you aren't sure, post it anyway! Just remember this guideline: if people will find it useful in graphic-making, it belongs here. No finished graphics (except for tutorials).

Some rules:

-Comment and credit where requested, don't steal or claim others' work as your own, please don't get too off-topic, and don't flame.

-Please don't disable comments (though you're welcome to direct people to your journal for the resource).

-Please try to remember to use the tags, you can find all of them in the sidebar of the community.

-Resource requests and questions are allowed, icon requests aren't. For icon requests, try iconrequests.

-Try to keep it to one or two posts per day please, to save our friends list. :)

-Only one preview before the cut when posting resources (two if they're small). Previews not larger than 400x400.

If anything happens that needs mod intervention, please comment to kalijean's journal about the situation.

If you need a good graphics program for free, download The GIMP.

***Link To Our List Of Affiliates***

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